September 4, 2010

In the dark....

A major storm passed through town last night. Rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning, none of which I'm a fan. The power has been out since 7pm last night and the latest update has it back by noon today.

So, last night we all huddled (all animals huddled in the room too, cats and dogs. They, in their fear of the storm, all forgot about their disdain for each other and for a few hours were willing to tolerate) the big bed by the light of a flashlight, well actually by the glow of our devices. iPad, iPod, Nintendo DSi- we each had our gizmo of choice and it helped to pass the time, especially for my daughter who doesn't deal with storms well at all.

Note to self- ensure all electronics are fully charged at ALL times.

- Posted from my iPad.

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